HKC Juniors (Children’s Karate)

HKC JUNIORS is the name of our karate lessons for children, These are held every Tuesday and Thursday (during school term time only) at St Mary’s Church Hall, 62 Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, London W7 3QP
  • Beginners Class – Tuesdays, 18:00-18:45
  • Intermediate Class – Tuesdays & Thursdays, 18:00-18:45


Intake for our children’s beginners course for kids will be starting again on Tuesday 14 September 2021. From that date we will be taking new students to take part in our 10-week beginners course. If you are based in the West London are and you are interested in information regarding children’s karate lessons, please email us: Details of our children’s beginners course (HKC JUNIORS)
  • When: Every Tuesday 18:00-18:45 (term time only)
  • Age bracket: For children aged 6 and over (Year 1) – no children younger than 6, sorry!
  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • Price: £25 per month (1 face-to-face lesson per week, Tuesday 18:00)
  • Course objective: Our beginners course aims to teach children how to perform basic breakfalls, plus the first KATA of our karate style (GEKISAI DAI ICHI).
  • Requirements: We teach new students aged 6 and above for 45 minutes each Tuesday evening at 6pm.
  • Instruction: Our Children’s class instructors are Sensei Nigel Thomas (7th Degree Black Belt) and Sensei Steve Walley (6th Degree Black Belt). They are both insured for teaching children’s karate lessons and have been DBS vetted and checked. We also have a selection of other instructors who assist in teaching our classes.
  • Note: Due to COVID-19 regulations, parents cannot be present in the hall during our classes. This is for safety and to restrict numbers in the hall.
Advancing from Beginner to Intermediate Lessons Once your child is able to:
  1. Perform a basic breakfall, and
  2. Perform the first KATA (GEKISAI DAI ICHI)
They will “Graduate” from our beginner class and be invited to join our Intermediate Children’s Class. Our Intermediate classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. Note: Beginners Class (for kids) is ONCE A WEEK on Tuesdays, 18:00 Intermediate Class (for kids) is TWICE A WEEK on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:00 If you have any questions about our children’s beginners course, please email: