The video link below provides instructions and guidance on how to join the English Goju Ryu Karate Do Association EGKA, the national body to which Old Hanwell Karate Club is affiliated. Membership is important as it covers you for ratification of grading within the club, provides public liability insurance against injury and also enables you to attend national events organised by the EGKA such as tournaments and training events (Gasshukus). 

How to join the EGKA and pay your subs online

You can also download and print off the instructions as a tri-fold pamphlet

EGKA online joining instructions


Old Hanwell Karate Club chief instructor, Sensei Nigel Thomas demonstrates the first Goju Ryu Kata (Formal exercise) that students learn called Gekisai Dai Ichi (Literal translation: To attack and destroy, number one). It contains a sequence of blocks, parries and strikes.  

Kata – Gekisai Dai Ichi


UK Chief Instructor Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Reena Prasad demonstrate pad drills that we can practice to improve speed and coordination as well as to build stamina and conditioning

Padwork drill No.1

Padwork drill No. 2

Padwork drill No. 3